Domaine de la Navicelle

The domain has a sailing trading boat as a sigil

The setting

Our vineyard extends up to the feet of the massif of La Colle Noire, from where we can see both the see and the mountains. The Domaine de la Navicelle is located at Le Pradet, a small southern village sitting between Toulon and Hyères over 7km of Mediterranean coasts. In a peaceful and preserved environment, our wines benefit from one of the most outstanding terroir of south France and a remarkable climate for wine-growing. The 21 hectares of vines of our domain allow us to offer you one of the best wines from Provence.

Wine-growing in harmony with our environment

With our production consisting mostly of strong red wines – 60% of our total production, our domain differs from our competitors through the showcasing of a genuine “savoir-faire” acknowledged by the best sommeliers in France. Our rosé and white wines benefit from this qualitative approach through ageing in oak and acacia barrels. Our production effort has but one goal: providing the best tasting to all the French wines enthusiasts.

Discover our cellar

The domain as seen by our mare Praline.
Plowing in progress
Preserve the soils for a sustainable agriculture
Vine post
Sunlight in the vineyard
Plowing at La Navicelle
Visit of the vineyard
Praline taking a break. The vine-work is very exhausting.
A soil uncompacted by the passage of machines allows a better permeability and more resilient vines.
Praline, a hardworking mare for a sustainable vine-growing
The start of a wine story
First grapes at la Navicelle
Young vines at the foot of the Colle Noire
Night-time harvest

“We fell in love with the Rosé of La Colle Noire. A very good wine from organic farming!”

Isabelle Larkzic

“On the wine route, a wonderful stage with a very nice team. A generous tasting!”

Sam P.

“Passing by chance, we left with their last vintage. A wonder at an affordable price!”

Stefan Lefebvre